Coast Mastering and Kenny Wayne Shepherd in Atmos

Congratulations to Kenny Wayne Shepherd on the release of the Blu-Ray edition of his new record The Traveler! Michael worked with Eric “ET” Thorngren to mix the song in his Immersive/Atmos room at Coast Mastering. Once they completed the mixes together, Michael mastered the final release for Blu-Ray that will include the Dolby Atmos 11.1 (7.1.4) version, as well as a 5.1 surround, a Dolby Binaural headphone version, and the high res stereo release of the the album mix. The release date is set for August 30th.

AES Restoration Conference June 28-30 , 2018

I am very much looking forward to the Audio Engineering Society Restoration Conference in Culpeper Virginia This weekend. I will be participating with Chuck Ainlay, Konrad Strauss and Maureen Droney as we talk about the P&E Wing Recommendations and Best practices to make sure that projects move forward from inception to completion. With the idea that engineers and producers are well prepared and thinking ahead for long term usage and future proofing of their projects.  There will be so many very smart people helping to educate on proper archival and restoration technics, preservation and storage. Way too many to list in this post. But they are indeed the best of the best. See more information here.