Fantasy Studios Closing

April 20, 2020

First,  perhaps a bit of clarification, Coast Mastering is not affected by this change. And, as far as I am aware, the same goes for all of the other tenants in this complex. Yes, The building is being sold. But any business in the building is still covered by the terms of their respective leases. So Coast Mastering is still open for business and thriving. Fantasy Studios in owned by the building owners (Wareham Properties) and not a separate company. So their selling of the building also includes the studio.

Coast Mastering will continue to provide the highest level of professional and comprehensive mastering services available. Serving the Bay Area and beyond for 25 years and many thousands of records.

We are deeply saddened to hear the news about the closing of the Bay Area's iconic Fantasy Studio. There have been so many fantastic and influential records recorded in this Berkeley landmark. Far too many to count. And, so many amazing artists, engineers and producers from all over the world have passed through the studio doors creating sonic masterpieces. We will miss the vibe, energy and creativity of the multi room facility. Sadly, multi room studio facilities are fading away. Off into the sunset of a different era. That is very unfortunate. Having a sense of community and a center for creative interaction is, in my opinion, a very necessary part of a thriving musical scene. It's heartbreaking to see another facility see its end.

We also must say thank you and be appreciative of everyone who works, or has worked at Fantasy. It has always been an extremely professionally run facility. All the best in the future to everyone at the studio. Fantasy Studios will be greatly missed!

Happy Listening

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