Six Pre-Mastering tips and an SPL Phonitor 2

April 20, 2020

Big Thank You to Warren and his team at Produce Like A Pro for coming up and spending the day at the studio.  We had some great discussions and some good laughs. It was fun to hang and wax philosophically and do what I would call “hang out on Tangent Ranch".” This is the shorter video that is all about a few pre-mastering tips. And of coarse, a chance to be the proud owner of the excellent SPL Phonitor headphone amp. In the longer, more conversational video, which I will post in another blog, We talked about music, touched on some things including some past career highlights and favorite gear.  And even a few soapboxes of mine. Here are Six Pre-Mastering Tips (but there are more buried in the video comments!).  

Also a big thanks to SPL for donating one of their fantastic Phonitor 2 Headphone Amps to a lucky entrant!  Full video on the way.


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