Coast Mastering’s can help you make sense of your audio collection. Whether you have a handful of tapes or a career worth of recordings, the team at Coast can assess your content, preserve your media, digitize at current archival standards, and restore and remaster recordings from your archive for commercial release. We can help you:

Assess: We can come to you to examine your audio collection on site. We will help you figure out what you have and what steps should be taken for preservation. We can also assemble a team for full cataloging of your archive’s contents.

Digitize: Analog tapes, cassettes, DATs, born digital audio or virtually any other recording format - we can help you digitize all of them to current archival standards and prepare them for easier curation and listening, long term storage or accession by a repository.

Preserve: Rehousing tapes, repairing splices, repairing broken media - we can take steps to prevent further degradation of your media.

Restore: We can repair and reinvigorate damaged recordings using the most current and sophisticated digital restoration tools available. Dropouts, distortion, speed fluctuations, clicks, crackles and pops - we have heard them all and have the tools and skills to repair sonic anomalies in the most elegant and transparent way possible.
We pride ourselves on the integrity of our listening environments and our meticulous attention to quality and detail. Visit us & book a session.